Polarquest2018 Microplastics Research Missions

Microplastics at the North Pole!

During the Polarquest2018 expedition to the Arctic, our 19-year-old microplastic operator Safiria Buono carried out  30 microplastic sampling stations, with one at the record latitude of 82°07 N, right on the edge of the North Pole iceshelf!

Samples are currently being analyzed at CNR ISMAR by Polarquest2018 team member Valeria, under the supervision of our microplastic reference scientist Stefano Aliani.

Microplastics in the desert!

With the help of ISMAR and Plymouth University, the sand and microplastics will be separated, with the intention of evaluating how much microplastics are being deposited in other ecosystems other than the ocean.

Microplastic in the Desert

The young engineer Zoe Townsend is taking part in the first sampling campaign in the Utah desert during a Mars simulation camp at the Mars Desert Research Station.

Read about Valeria while she analyzes the microplastic samples

Read about Zoe's adventure at the Mars Simulation Camp in the Utah Desert