Water Quality

NanuQ & WeTest – explORing the ARctic wateR tOgetheR 

WeTest creates crowd-funded water quality maps worldwide developing low cost water sensing technology to connect people and their water bodies. WeTest offers an open source data infrastructure to gather crowd-funded data points with available water quality data around the world. WeTest focus on fighting eutrophication and the spreading of oceanic dead zones. On board Nanuq, WeTest will assess the plankton and algae population and correlate it with the Nitrite and Phosphate water concentrations. This data will be combined with remote sensing data to monitor the eutrophication risk of Arctic waters.

Water contamination and diseases coming from the use of unhealthy water are increasing. At the same time, governments and organisations have a growing interest in communicating this issue. WeTest scientists from the University of Alberta, Canada, need funds to keep developing and testing an APP that will allow every citizen to simply test the quality of their water with the help of a smartphone. Once completed, this will be a great educational tool with a global impact.

The development of the WeTest APP aims at making water testing easier for citizens. The APP wants to develop collaborative monitoring and mapping of water quality using new sensing technology in order to enable communities to measure water quality and to log data on a dynamic map using a smartphone interface. The aim of the scientists at the University of Alberta is to make it a large-scale project.

The APP will be part of a kit already available on the market, developed by the NGO Water Rangers that includes a series of tools for testing water healthiness. Through the WeTest APP we can make water testing a reality in each and every corner of the world. On top of that, creating awareness among citizens about water contamination, through our communication and the direct involvement in the data collection is a powerful way for making make the Global Goals for sustainable development a reality.

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